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Unfocused by bowtiephotography

I want to start off by saying I *LOVE* this picture. The Denali National Park in Alaska has a talented troop of photographers working for them and for a moment I thought that this was one of their pics, and I assure you that's a compliment (if you've never heard / seen it, check out their Facebook - their pics are impressive).

That said, what you've done is totally not original - that's just the honest truth. And there's really nothing original you can do with "blurred flowers." And I say this as a guilty party who has done A LOT of this type of shot.

But the way you've done it looks *GREAT* with the colors. When you've got background colors blending into foreground colors you have to make sure all the colors are just right otherwise you get one overpowering the other. But not in your cast. That could be the side of the road back there, but I can't tell. And it lets my imagination run away with itself (imagining a field of flowers on a dusky Autumn afternoon, etc...). The colors of the foreground are great too. The gentle greens go with the purple AND the yellow which provide a great contrast for each other.

Either you have a fantastic eye for set up and color or you got really lucky. Either way this is a shot to be proud of. Print it and hang it on your wall!
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